Dynamism, innovation and professionalism

TXT Quence was founded in 2014 in Milan, but is strengthened by the experience of a team of professionals working for over 20 years in the field of quality assurance. It is a dynamic reality, which is proposing to the market an innovative approach and offer perfectly adapted to the current needs of companies,software applications and services that are developed, both with complex Agile and DevOps methodology and with more traditional methodologies.



Our mission

Nowadays, a company's competitive ability, regardless of the market in which it operates, is closely tied to its ability to align its processes and organization with the characteristics of its business in an ever-changing reality.

Making it possible

Part of the TXT Group from 2022

TXT Group is an international player, specialized in the implementation of digital solutions based on distinctive competencies in key and business-critical technological processes in order to support key players in different target markets.
Since January 2024, TXT Quence has represented the Competence Center of Software Quality Engineering within the TXT Group.


What if quality became your best ally?

TXT Quence's mission is to support all entities that wish to change their view of Testing as a manual and repetitive activity only, to invest in automated solutions, tailored on the customer's business, that can add value to software products and enable better market positioning, while optimizing costs and time.  


text Sustainability Innovation Inclusion Professional Growth


La sostenibilità è il fondamento su cui costruiamo il nostro cammino verso il cambiamento positivo.


Uniamo con orgoglio competenze tecniche, innovazione e visione. Siamo una squadra che crede nell'eccellenza e nel cambiamento.


Abbracciamo la ricchezza delle differenze, ci impegniamo a creare un ambiente aperto, accogliente e rispettoso per tutti.


Crescita professionale

Attraverso formazione continua, sviluppo delle competenze e promozione di un ambiente di lavoro inclusivo, promuoviamo la crescita personale e aziendale.

Team manager 

Experience, passion for the world of software engineering and quality assurance distinguish TXT Quence's team manager, who is devoted into the guide of the company toward innovation and continuous growth.

Mariagrazia Brunetti
Founder Managing Director

Mariagrazia is graduated from Politecnico di Milano in Electronic Engineering, she has gained over 20 years of technical, commercial and business development experience in the Avionics, Banking and Telecommunications sectors in international projects. She managed the birth of highly complex Test Automation projects and solutions.
As a visionary in Software Testing, in 2014 she founded Quence, of which she is Managing Director, with a mission to bring innovative services and solutions to its customers in the areas of SW Test Automation and ALM.

Giorgio Riva
Technical Director

Giorgio is graduated in Physics in Milan, passionate about software and Quality Assurance. Thanks to his long experience in different sectors he has developed specific high-level technical skills to manage complete and effective Testing projects and strategies. Always up-to-date on new testing techniques and methodologies and on the most efficient solutions, he takes on customers' challenges on a daily basis to best meet their needs, paying attention to their business processes and peculiarities.