SW Application Lifecycle Management

Software quality isn’t only improved by adopting the correct testing techniques, but also by acting on the development and testing processes themselves.

We are flexible to your business 

Through an ad hoc customizations of the definition and configuration of integrated environments suitable to support customer processes, TXT Quence can optimize the management of all information that needs constant tracking, from requirements, development and testing activities, defects and risks. 

Quence for your business success 

Thanks to the experience gained over the years by the in-house team of experts, TXT Quence is able to recommend and provide a tailor-made solution for clients from all sectors that is perfectly suited to the peculiarities of the company's business, paying special attention to all mission-critical and business-critical projects.

"Application Lifecycle Management is the beating heart of software success. Managing it carefully allows us to maintain a competitive advantage and deliver high-quality products to our customers"

Giorgio Riva

Technical Director