Software Quality

Assuring the quality of software products is critical to bring competitive applications and services to market.

TXT Quence is the ideal partner for all the companies that want to address the issue of Quality Assurance with a professional and experienced team in the field. Based on the customer's needs, TXT Quence can develop a targeted and comprehensive testing strategy aimed at adding value to the software product.

Software Testing

Our team of experts is specialized in different software testing methodologies, offering solutions tailored to customers' needs.

Maximize your ROI

There are several Software testing methodologies in which TXT Quence's team of experts is specialized, from manual and exploratory functional testing to Test Automation, on which the company has a special focus and which enables high Return of Investment (ROI), to performance testing including Load&Stress, Endurance, Scalability activities.

High Quality and Specialization

The consulting service offered to clients is an high quality and highly specialized one, and involves constant support at every stage of activities, designing, planning, executing, and including the results in a comprehensive final report.

"Software quality is the foundation of business success. Investing in testing and quality control is essential to ensure customer satisfaction"

Mariagrazia Brunetti

CEO Quence