The world of software development for safety-critical and mission-critical projects requires high standards of quality and compliance with regulatory requirements: thanks to the partnership entered into in 2021 with Intland Software, Quence is able to support its customers in defining processes, managing requirements, risks, tests and development tickets for these types of projects. 

Solutions, knowledge and expertise 

Intland Software's solutions, combined with Quence's knowledge and expertise, will be able to reduce production time, risks and costs and ensure compliance with standards. 

Requirement, Risk and Test management

.Codebeamer and Retina are platforms capable of supporting all Requirement, Risk and Test management activities, with many specific templates for audits in the medical sector, where compliance with standards such as ISO 13485 and FDA 21CFR820 is critical, for validation in pharmaceutical projects, for compliance of embedded software in the avionics and defence sectors.