The analysis of results and reporting 

In the Quality Assurance context, results analysis and reporting play a crucial role in the design of dashboards. These dashboards are designed to clearly and concisely present business-relevant metrics and analytical information. Our company has professional tools to accurately modulate strategies and resources based on targeted key performance indicators and meaningful results. 

Reporting tools

Sometimes it happens that the various reporting tools provided by the testing and development tools themselves do not meet customer expectations, leading users to perform manual data extractions and processing, resulting in problems related to errors and insufficient accuracy. 

Quence's solutions

Quence's solution offerings are ETL process implementation services, data warehouse and fully automated reporting systems profiled to customer needs.

Data Driven model

Data are extracted from heterogeneous and distributed sources, integrates and aggregates it to show metrics and analytics with distinctive and effective value-added. Repeatable strategy and processes enable organizations to operate with a data-driven model in which insights drive goal achievement.